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Dental Offices

Justyna Haus & Iwona Ilnicka


Novedent offices are equipped with Stern Weber dental units.

Utilization of advanced technology allows for high quality of dental treatment and patients’ maximum comfort. At the same time it assures the highest standards of hygiene during the dental procedures.

Our dental units are equipped with dental x-ray, digital radiography system and intraoral camera. Thanks to those instruments we are able to deliver accurate diagnosis and detailed imaging of possible problems with the health of oral cavity. After dental procedures we can display and visualize the stunning effects of our treatment.

An EndoPilot is an instrument we utilize in endodontics (canal root treatment). Due to the microprocessor technology it provides fast and precise measuring of the root canal length.

The latest technology of endodontic motor enables proficient and secure work of the rotary instruments that are used to shaping of the root canal.

What additionally secures dental treatment procedures is the system that governs the work of the rotary files and monitors their wear.

The aim of each endodontic treatment is to achieve as tight as possible a filling of the root canal that was previously shaped and decontaminated.

The EndoPilot equipped with the system of root canal obtrusion with the use of heat, enhances the procedure of a very tight filling .

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