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  • Conservative dentistry
    Conservative dentistry
    • Conservative dentistry is a discipline that deals with the treatment of cavity of the teeth hard tissues that is caused by carries, injuries or abnormal abrasion.

      At Novadent we focus on proper diagnosis and prophylaxis. Thanks to this we can prevent or detect any abnormalities in its early stages the development.

      Due to the early diagnosis and elimination of the tissues affected by carries we can avoid such complication as for example tooth ache.
      At Novadent we use advanced and the latest products therefore, we are able to recreate correct structure and functioning of teeth permanently , very aesthetically and above all, completely painlessly.

      • Composite fillings
      • Composite teeth restoration
      • Post endodontic teeth restoration
      • Inlay, onlay composite and porcelain
  • Endodontics
    • We should remember that a complication of an expansive and not treated on time carries cavity, leaky fillings or teeth injuries lead to inflammatory conditions or progression of the pulp tissue decay. That, though, if treated improperly is responsible for inflammation of the surrounding tissues in which a tooth is set.
      Leaving such state of inflammation without treatment results in destruction of the mentioned tissues but what is very important for our health , it becomes the source of infection for the whole body.

      We should bear in mind that a tooth whose canals were improperly cleansed from the rests of the decayed pulp and then tightly closed with a filling, becomes a threat to our general health.
      At Nova dent the root canal treatment is performed in accordance with the most recent endodontic procedures. Starting with precise detection of root canal length with advanced endometr, then shaping the canal with rotary endodontic instruments, we finish with a tight filling and a closure of the root canal.
      Our knowledge and emphasis on precision allow for performing the highest standards of cleansing and filling of the infected canal, which increases the probability of remaining a tooth in the mouth for years to come.

      Modern techniques of anesthesia allow for completely painless performance of the most complicated endodontic treatment.

      • Root canal treatment
      • Secondary root canal treatment
  • Prosthodontics
    • An area of dentistry that deals with reconstruction of significantly damaged teeth, replacement of missing teeth and restoration of the lost functionality of teeth.
      We put emphasis on employment of comfortable and most naturally looking solutions.

      • Post and core inlays
      • Inlay ,composite and porcelain onlay
      • Crowns, porcelain bridges
      • Porcelain veneers
      • Frame denture
      • Removable partial, complete dentures
  • Pediatric dentistry
    Pediatric dentistry
    • At Novadent we make special effort to make children feel comfortable and safe in our offices.
      However, we put particular emphasis on prevention of decay or dental occlusion.
      Child’s teeth should be taken care of from the moment of their birth, or rather from the moment of the conception.

      A number of factors affecting pregnant woman can influences babies’ teeth such as eating habits or taking medicaments.

      That is why we try to guide parents into prophylaxis and convince them that preventing decay is less stressful for children, more effective and cheaper than dental treatment.

      Additionally, in order to prevent decay we use fluoride therapy that makes tooth enamel more resistant to decay.

      • Adaptation Visit
      • Dental checks
      • Oral hygiene instruction
      • Fluoride treatment – teeth varnishing
      • Fissure Sealing
      • Preservation dentistry
  • Periodontosis
    • It is a field of dentistry that deals with the treatment of tissues supporting teeth.
      Inflammation of teeth gum leads to its recession and eventually to the loss of tooth bone in which a tooth is set.

      Consequently the tooth lacks stability and a patient can feel its looseness.
      Negligence of the inflammatory process and absence of professional treatment ultimately results in the loss of a tooth.

      Periodontal disease are serious infections. One of the main factors that cause that condition is tartar.

      • Hygiene instructions
      • Tartar removal
      • Air polishing
  • Dental surgery
    Dental surgery
    • Performing surgical treatment we pay particular attention to make those procedures painless maintain at the same time the highest standards of safety and asepsis.

      • Removal of milk and permanent teeth
      • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Prophylaxis
    • While looking after our patients’ healthy and beautiful smile we particularly focus on prophylaxis, which prevents diseases of oral cavity or teeth.

      Proper home prophylaxis together with regular prophylactic procedures performed by dental professionals, are crucial for prevention of decay and other common dental problems.
      Regular dental hygiene care is the key to maintain healthy teeth. That is the reason why we value so much the instruction of our patients on how to brush teeth correctly, how to pick appropriate tooth brush and paste or other kinds of cleaning accessories.

      Professional prophylactic procedures include removal of plague and teeth residue, as well as hardening of teeth enamel by application of substances with high concentration of fluoride.
      However, regular dental check-ups are most recommended. That allows for detection of any kind of dental infections at its early stages of development, thus, making the treatment less invasive and more effective.

      Prophylaxis is always a much more economical option than the actual treatment.

      • Regular dental checkups
      • Dental hygiene training
      • Teeth varnishing
      • Scaling (removal of tartar)
      • Sandblasting
  • Aesthetic  dentistry
    Aesthetic dentistry
    • Does anything like unaesthetic dentistry even exist?
      Aesthetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that is supposed to bring our smile close to perfect using procedures from other fields.

      It concerns mainly those procedures that change teeth’s shape, colour and sometimes placing, taking into consideration all the rules that govern aesthetics of teeth and face.

      Basic mimicry and man’s smile define the quality of their face expression, what consequently influences nonverbal communication. That is why everyone wants to have a beautiful smile.

      • Composite Reconstruction and restoration of teeth
      • Porcelain crowns
      • Ceramic veneers
      • Tartar removal
      • Teeth whitening
  • Teeth whitening
    Teeth whitening
    • At Novadent we use solutions that allow for permanent whitening without damage to the natural teeth.

      • Dental arch whitening
      • Dead teeth whitening

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